Knight Hunter ZX is inspired from the concept of flirt with danger. This bike is for those boys who never compromise for less and want  to stand apart from their peers. Knight Hunter is loaded with Skull-shaped motion activated valve lights, skull-shaped head light, telescopic suspension, styllish and unique bar ends.

Knight Hunter ZX

26T: ₹ 8,000/-

Colours: Matt Black

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FRAME Steel frame. Comfort geometry. 26T Wheels, 208T Frame height
SADDLE Comfortable PU soft saddle with graphics
BRAKES V brakes for power braking
FORK AND REAR SHOX Telescopic front suspension fork and elliptical rear shox
FENDERS Flying Fenders
CHAIN COVER P type chain cover; Plastic (Flexible and free from rattling noise)
CARRIER Detachable stylish and rugged looking carrier
GRIPS Ergo Grips
CHAINWHEEL Cottered Chain wheel & TurboDrive crank
LIGHTS Motion activated valve lights & head light
TYRES 26T X 2.125T tyres
HANDLE BAR Straight handlebar for comfortable upright ride. Sandblast finish – looks premium
STEM Oversized stem. Sandblast finish
TRANSMISSION Single Speed (44T X 18T Gear ratio)
BRAKE LEVER Alloy brake levers; Three finger braking
RIM Steel Rim