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By: Vikas Khanna
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A new way to approach the
mountain and enjoy a full journey

When mountain passes are still closed and the spring snow is high in the mountains, it’s often a sign of great ski touring conditions. However, how can we reach the first snow patch without burning all our energy, how can we use electric assistance to get to places you’ve dreamed about for a couple of seasons, make sure the journey is a moment of fun from bottom to top, don’t destroy your back by carrying all your equipment, all negative meters should be a source of fun, make a 1500m elevation to a 2500m elevation day. These are all the points we wanted to answer by developing a more advanced solution for a winter approach ebike. 

We would like to offer a new approach solution to our athletes to open up the mountains for exploring more skiing lines. It could happen by starting from their backyard or reaching closed passes in spring time. The goal is to reach the snow and go where cars can not. Please stay in touch to follow up coming eRIDE skimo stories.

Why an e-bike to make a winter approach?

It’s not about how hard the journey is but how good and interesting it is. The most important is to enjoy the journey and go further with all the help you can get, the Axis Evo will help you to gain elevation and touch the snow without emptying your own tank. Once you get to the snow line you are fresh to get higher still and also enjoy the way down.

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